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5 incredible sexual discovery

Sex is for procreation, this is only the traditional concept, but with the development of society, people's sexual attitudes are constantly open, more couples are pursuing sexual passion and joy. But after research, sexologists as we conclude the following 5 incredible sexual discovery, with a look.

1. bareback better health for women

Today is the first burst of the most bizarre news: According to the "Archives of Sexual Behavior," the research report, without using a condom sex (including oral sex) may be beneficial for women's health physical and psychological.

The researchers invited 293 women to fill in two questionnaires: a questionnaire to measure the details of their sex life, another questionnaire analysis of their psychological traits. After that, the researchers measured the women's blood in the seminal plasma content (translation: checked the information on whether the absorption of semen in the female vagina controversy was that women can not absorb the semen, slowly excreted some people think. semen inside the vagina can absorb, for women have certain health effects, according to the study of neurochemicals, semen contains, apparently through vaginal penetration into the capillary blood of women. the study also noted that there are also oral sex kinds of action, these chemicals are also evident through the capillaries oral penetration.), and compared with survey data. It was found that women often do not use condoms exhibit depressive symptoms, significantly less than women who often or always use condoms.

The researchers believe this is because semen contains a "mood-altering chemicals" (including love-related cortisol, oxytocin enhance the emotional experience of having serotonin antidepressant effect), to promote women's health. But even without the use of condoms, so happy the women are also very slim chance, come on - in fact, unsafe sex is still so bad.

If these studies we have a little inspiration, then, it is that it encourages us to continue to tap other bizarre research. There are other, more incredible discovery 4.

2. The more testosterone on behalf of masturbation more

University of Michigan researchers asked 196 women masturbation and sexual intercourse frequency, and the desire to produce both frequency. After the researchers analyzed the women's saliva, the highest concentrations found in vivo testosterone women have the strongest desire to masturbation. It looks very exciting, right? But fly in the ointment is: The researchers also found that high levels of testosterone in women with sexual desire weaker partner. The researchers speculate that high testosterone also mean higher stress levels, which can be explained not included in these women desire sex partner, but only a strong desire to release their own anxiety.

3. The shape of the lips and the female orgasm

"Journal of Sexual Medicine" has entries 2011 study showed that the shape of a woman's lips may be able to predict the likelihood of their orgasm. The researchers conducted a network study surveyed 258 women lip shape and the ability to experience vaginal orgasm. It was found that the upper lip swollen lip prominent women to experience vaginal orgasm more chance. Then the pouting shape of why women can orgasm predictive ability it? This may be attributed to the fetus before birth. Graduate collaborators in this research report of the University of the West of Scotland Coaster think, before a female fetus, the fetus lip shape of the mechanism will also affect the shape of the same neural circuits vaginal orgasm.

4. A pair of socks can bring her orgasm experience

Of course, only socks can not let the bed of her "sex" satisfaction foot. However, according to a Dutch study, the bedroom temperature may have unexpected effects. Said doctoral research associate, University of Groningen Urology Neurology Center main Xi Gete Howe Sturge, "beginning of the trial, only 50% of female participants to reach orgasm, but we know that they feel uncomfortable because their feet very cold. we gave them some socks, after 80% of people reach orgasm. What 'stockings behind the mysterious force that? To relax these women the amygdala and prefrontal cortex (responsible for controlling anxiety, fear and danger signals in response brain regions), must be created to make them feel safe, secure and comfortable environment pleasant.

5. From the gait look sexuality

Those walking the vibrant, beautiful gesture women are more likely to experience vaginal orgasm, this is a study, "Journal of Sexual Medicine" on. Researchers asked women in the study to fill out a questionnaire survey of behavior, and thus put them into two groups: often experience vaginal orgasm Wanita; rarely experience vaginal orgasm Wanita. Then asked two women walk 100 meters while imagining unpleasant things, then walk again, but this time their favorite fantasy man. Two sexologist evaluation of these women when women walking gait, the result is correct to distinguish between these two groups often sexologist difference reached 81%. Woman walking her hips is how to sell it? The researchers speculate that often experience vaginal orgasm female pelvic muscles acting freely, which makes their gait is more natural, more fluid.

Comment: married women are less likely to use condoms, but also less likely to feel depressed. Correlation does not mean that there is a causal link, 90% of "this new research" forget this important fact.

Or just the opposite direction? Optimistic outlook on life with women less likely to feel depressed, but also less likely to use condoms?

Tips: The above is for five incredible discovery introduce sex-related knowledge, I hope for your help. Life is full of all kinds of sexual secrets need people to explore slowly, but as long as have the scientific concept of sex you can have a healthy sex life.

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