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and you were close to your legs

a desktop type massage

the man leaning on a chair, feet cozily, baseboard touchdown. You sit in the middle of his cross, back to his hand touching the desktop leveraging your feet hanging in the air. He stepped on your hips to make a slight swing, and you were close to your legs.

in this way, different from the typical paparazzi. This sex position does not make the knees feel difficult, he can comfortably bring you into the climax, and in-depth touch every inch, up and down and play around the action. He can even look at his penis to enter your body, increase pleasure.

two: Parry twin type

let him lying on a comfortable, sturdy chair, feet slightly open and your bestride on top of him, facing him, with knees bent, feet toward his chest open, and support. Let him take your hips or thighs, you hold back, before moving.

this is a typical female male and female sex position, you can control the speed or the ring, because the two sides are very close, can kiss or caress each other at the same time.

three: rear entry type

he lay down, his feet straight, his head down a pillow so that he could see the movements. You sit on him, for his legs, palms to support. When you twist, hold on to your thighs or hips. This method is more vulnerable to the G-spot, because you can complete control of everything, including the speed and angle, and he is willing to effortlessly reap the profits.

four: flank attack type

you lying on the pillow, he knelt in your hip, upper body leaning forward, the knee to separate your feet, in order to insert. This kind of sexual technique is especially suitable for the penis short man, because this angle can be inserted deeper. As you can give him a greater pleasure on both sides of your thighs. When he stimulates your G-spot, also can caress your chest.

five: limb circling

you and he in the same direction in the lateral position, you put the low sitting body, legs wrapped around him. Back and stretched out his arms for support.

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