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Applicability skills, a variety of positions to meet her

From my years of experience of life, he summed up very practical sex tips.

Sex before expressing your love for her

Few people can do this point, in fact, both female desire, or Mature, or by a lady, love is they have a major psychological factors in sexual desire. Therefore, men should pay attention, in the hearts of women, hot husband love the warmth is often at the top. Many women are fully aware that her husband's tenderness for them, is more important than sexual gratification, it is impossible not gentle sexual satisfaction. In order to enable all women to enjoy a happy life conferred husband should learn to love and sex are joined together.

Madden game cosplay

Sex plays a role most men aspire to sex mode. But this method requires women are also keen to play the role of sex, otherwise lose the support of women, sexual climax will be very difficult to ride. You find a very relaxing time, mutually agreed to play a good role, acting as a short story to stimulate each other's sexual excitement, this model brings sex sexual satisfaction it can be said that other methods can not match.

Diversification sex positions

Any kind of sublime sexual positions, the cycle of use will make people feel boring. So, do not be one kind of sex positions with monotonous in the end, it will only make people feel tired, do not let her derive satisfaction. Therefore, we may change our usual sex positions, such as women try not commonly used formula, back-in and the like; for example, the use of condoms taste, such as condoms loaded bump thread; for example, to change the place of sex, sexual positions from the bedroom transfer to the sofa, upper balcony.

Use lubricating fluid to help nature

Middle-aged women in the days after the 35-year-old was found in slowly, reducing the number of yin Road Aiye, in sex life is inevitable that some small embarrassment, perhaps you are exuberant sexuality, but there has never been moist yin Road, may wish to use pleasure loaded human lubricating fluid before sex smear yin crossing, then normal sex can be.

This method can compensate for the lack of female body Aiye, increase sexual passion. And quickly moist genitals, reduce foreplay time, but also bring cool and comfortable pleasure Oh!

Feast for the Senses

There are many senses, such as smell, sight, touch,male enhancement, hearing, taste. And here, we highlight the sense of smell and vision. Men and women are slightly different taste preference, men prefer salty, while women prefer sweetness. Therefore, during sex, the most important is to remove any indecent odor, which is the reason many women like bath after sexual intercourse. Want to surrender libido strong woman, as match up, spray a little appropriate body with a sweet perfume, increase her excitement for you, to a certain extent, also hastened her sexuality consumption.

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