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Bed 7 symptoms suggestive of physical illness

Not long ago, the United States business magazine Forbes to drop serious economic review style, published an article about new research on sex. Article says sex not only makes people feel in harmony, but also brings many unexpected benefits. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom's daily mail also wrote that sex can help people find certain diseases, so as to play a role in longevity.

Suddenly, ED (erectile dysfunction) cardiac disease. ED is a variety of local manifestations of systemic disease, can occur in the coronary heart disease 2-3 years ago. Because the corpus cavernosum arteries so small that blood vessels occur most will start from the small blood vessels.
Ejaculatory pain check the urinary system. Painful ejaculation may be inflammation prostatitis, urethritis, urinary system at work. Inflammation can cause local tissue swelling of the blood, causing pain.

Poor libido vigilance hormone drops. Middle-aged people if there is a low libido, sexual function, and accompanied by symptoms such as irritability, perspire easily, may be the decline in male hormone, endocrine check best male in the hospital.

Abnormal semen with a variety of diseases. Semen red, the biggest may be a seminal vesiculitis, prostatitis, also did not rule out high blood pressure, diabetes and other causes of broken blood vessels.

For women, sexual feelings can also help find before and after gynecological diseases.

Sex bleeding alert cervicitis. Intercourse bleeding is cervicitis, cervical cancer, such as cervical lesions often signal. Be sure to stop having sex, to the hospital as soon as possible.

Abdominal pain after sex tips of pelvic inflammatory disease. After sex belly pain, low back pain, possibly with conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic endometriosis related pain usually lasts for a long time.

Erotic odor alert vaginitis. Sex vaginal discharge fishy, color clear, might have vaginitis, a timely troubleshooting.

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