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Black 4K improve sex life

Your sex life is the well-off? Still not yet out of poverty? The real sex life is both spouses reach a common physiological and psychological meet. Contrast the following well-off standard, you reach no? Dr. contemporary sexual medicine right Weimar Stace and Johnson in his research report pointed out that 50 percent of couples in sexual life problems. So, for the crux of the problem lies in this area, how to remedy, how to improve it? In fact, the sex life should be better off not a difficult thing, as long as you meet the following six criteria:

Standard one: love links

Not to "sex" and "love" separated, they insisted in sexual life as well as in other areas, the "soul" occupies a central position. They are husband and wife sex life as an extremely important part of the relationship, they are willing and committed to their own and each other's sexual gratification.

Standard II: None of error-free

Harmonious and happy sexual life of couples know: sex life should be no absolute standard that everyone should follow, there is no how fishes, and how not to question. As long as the satisfaction of both parties, that is sexual happiness.
Standard Three: Overcoming say "no"
There are some women for her husband's sexual demands often say "no." Harmonious sexual life of a couple, both to meet each other's requirements as the most important, will overcome its own original ideas to resist and overcome to say "no."

Standard Four: bridging the gap

Sex life happy couple will encounter "gender gap" in the title, but because of their relationship to each other is filled with a total of seeking to meet the spirit of one for the sake of each other, it will take the initiative to fill the gaps that may exist.

Standard Five: dare to talk about taboo

The community there has long been taboo to talk about sex precepts. Sex life very successful couple, never read out the other side as others thought of God, but to open their hearts to sexual life frank discussion. They also know: I hope that the other party or parties were doing a new behavior, gestures, posture or manner, does not mean there is anything wrong at the past.

Standard Six: wonderful balance

In sexual life, each side will have to pay and acceptance, both men and women need each other and accept each other's services services. Between the couple built a mutually enjoyable, actively and completely wonderful balance of giving and receiving, it will make their sex life always makes both sides happy.

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