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which can effectively arouse sexual desire in women

Married for many years, you have each other's attention and attraction have decreased, it is also the feeling of sexual life were routinely as boring, then find the first night of passion is every couple's dream, we went through a variety of sexual techniques newlyweds find sex techniques to achieve the purpose of a harmonious sexual life, today we look together, then help you find passionate sex skills.

Luxury five-star open house

If you feel a passion for each other to lose the year, you can find the time to relax both looking at five-star hotels are not the same passion, although feel more luxurious five-star, but as long as the passion back then,sex pills, or was some values. This method is not suitable for regular use, once a few months would achieve the desired results.

Use mouth effort

Men who look forward to their female oral sex, women are no exception, they are also looking forward to the other half for himself oral sex, men can use Eloquence to stimulate the female, for example, with the tongue touching the female clitoris, repeated stimulation so that women increase libido moment, you stop. Men should pay attention to is that for the private parts of the stimulus should focus on the clitoris, use V- illusion really awesome to help, which can effectively arouse sexual desire in women, and can not wait to let you be a fun dripping sex.

Accumulate method Sex

If you are holding a weekly frequency of sex, as you made an appointment to have sex again after a month, during which you can not have any sex, you will find that the other party to force your attention increasingly improved, and the next times when making love, you will multiply the passion. This method is currently a lot of young couples weekend couples choose reason, can delay the arrival of the seven-year itch to help promote and increase feelings.

Wild sex

Wild sex is the pursuit of high-intensity stimulation, the wild sex, you need to be ready wipes and condoms, wipes allows you wipe the body after the House of Love, to avoid the body was stained with mud and can not be removed.

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