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How can maximize penis into her

For men, the excitement is the core of the penis, penis to change posture to bring a new experience. A new perspective to bring a new excitement, often focus only on a few centimeters. For women, the relationship between posture change means change. Of course, we like a novel or a new curved body stimulation of the vaginal wall brought a new feeling. In particular, we like to change depth. As a gesture to let only the penis in the vagina entrance "wandering", while the other allows the penis deep vagina.

But the connection is not just pose for women. We like the missionary position because it gives us a face of intuition. A gesture is a favorite because it makes us feel more intimate with a partner, while the other position being disgusted because it used to feel. So for many women often change positions unnecessary. Women generally prefer one or two positions in which it or they make us feel close, associated, to be loved, not only reflect the feeling of love,penis enlargement, but also reflects the need to synthesize one.

Many women love being female superior, but if you do not want people to be watching or dominant life, then it does not have much effect. But if you can overcome these ideas, of course, it also has many advantages. You can control the tempo, controlling the insertion depth, clitoral stimulation to get more, and let him lie down and relax. You face to face, you can stroke each other, but also allows to slow down the rhythm, sometimes when he was unable to control, this method is very effective. Swinging back and forth through the body by rotating the legs or knees to change the angle, which requires hard on your back.

Lateral is quite relaxed and intimate way. It makes a wide range of physical contact is conducive to kissing and talking, there is no branch in the missionary position "up and down" problem. If another person load weight is a problem, this is a good solution. You may need to practice to adjust the angle of the hips or legs apart addresses inserted; it can not provide more clitoral stimulation, but you can manually assisted. In all postures, it is still only an afterthought easy spooned posture.

Correct posture just to feel good. It is relaxing or full of passionate excitement, certainly not uncomfortable. But for various reasons, sometimes sexual intercourse posture is wrong: as began to feel unwell; feeling will be back, you need a darker or lighter; you need more or less friction you sure will not be able to achieve orgasm, he was excited too quickly.

If you want to change the posture should be considered in advance. As little movement so that they now transition from position to position you want. By interrupting the conversation or to stop the movement suggested that he change happen, then gently told him how to change. When you change to maintain the penis was inserted state, his hand to pull your hips, legs, or make a living around him, so that it will not slip out.

If he stopped abruptly and completely still, that does not mean he wants to change position, but he wants to achieve orgasm. Unless you want him to, or should quickly stop.

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