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How to clean male sex organs most scientific

Genital cleaning, we believe that the traditional concept only women require frequent cleaning of the vulva, it is not true, male friends also do cleaning vulva.

Scrotum, penis skin folds much more sweat glands secretion strong, especially the poor ventilation, ventilation wear synthetic underwear make the situation worse, so a lot of sweat, residual urine, feces not wipe residue, after the couple left intercourse female sexual secretions and semen etc. contaminate the entire penis, scrotum and perineal area. Such conditions are very conducive to bacteria and other microorganisms, if not clean, not only will the smell, is not conducive to skin care. The elderly due to thinning of the skin, decreased immunity, not only the perineum, and thighs on both sides may appear erosion phenomenon. Men may also cause localized disease itself, such as penile cancer, scrotal inflammation, jock itch and so on. During intercourse, if these contaminated substances and microorganisms into the female vagina, it will affect the cleanliness of the vagina, or even cause infection. Therefore, men should form good habits in the lower body with warm water before going to bed, be careful not to use hot water. Wash lower body it can not be underestimated, not a mere formality, or they may be less effective or even counterproductive.

Cleaning sequence generally easy to understand, first wash the genitals, anus wash, then the same can not be washed after anal basin of water to wash again the reproductive organs. Dry sequence above speak as to prepare alone a towel, do not mix and feet towels. Cawan towel wash with clean water, dry in time.

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