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during the time of life

Formulaic sex life, people feel uninteresting, even young adults are in, they would not have sex how much interest, so, in order to make life more interesting, we have to make a change. As long as you change a little bit, it will make your sex life transformed, so that you care deeply about things.

Qingnie her earlobe

In the human body, not only clouds on the nerves of sexual organs, susceptible to irritation, other parts of the body also is full of nerve, such as earlobes, on top of it, there is intensive nerves. In the film, flirting, many woman like to blow hot air against the man's ear, in fact, men can also gently pinch a woman's ear lobe, it makes her very "sex Fen" in.

Sucking her nipples

We all know that a woman's breasts are secondary sex characteristics, time is also important sex organ, during sex how can not play its role? The nipple and areola are very sensitive areas, as long as kissing and sucking, the nipple will cause strong. You can start with your fingertips, then gently squeeze the nipple sucking mate.

Her beauty foot massage

In Chinese medicine, the feet of the clouds; the connection points of various organs, sexual organs is no exception. However, the feet are the most neglected people out of sensitive areas. Toe sucking and massage, can make lust high, you can focus irritate the skin between the toes, feet and soles of the feet, to avoid using itching way, you can use a circular motion massage partner's feet.

Kiss her body

This approach tends to make the anti-kissing women's physical and mental relaxation, thereby allowing the body more sensitive, and then kissing when better able to stimulate her libido. Therefore, in sex, you can use the mouth and tongue to kiss partner's breasts, inner thighs and other sensitive sites, as well as other parts of the body, such as the feet and fingers, etc., can make the same partner generates excitement.

Finally, Xiao Bian want to say is,male enhancement, during the time of life, do not be scripted, a sexual manner lifetime, so your sex life is not perfect, so when you want to make a point during sex change .

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