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The most easy to overlook the 15 personality desire killer

The most easy to overlook the 15 personality desire killer

You once fiery passion, devotion. But now, but you will often say, "Honey, not tonight." According to the British "Daily Mail" reported that a large survey found that 40% of couples faced with the loss of libido problems. British physician Dr. Michael Palin of many other medical experts pointed out that life in some unexpected factors may bring disaster to sexuality, the following are the most common killer of 15 personality desire.

1. cold feet

2. University of Groningen in the Netherlands, a study found that 80% of participants wearing socks to bed women's sexual orgasm, while barefoot sleeping women tested sexual climax rate of only 50%. New research leader Dr. Geert Halls Tiger says warm feet can increase a sense of security and comfort of women, their feet wearing socks to bed or before going to bed to help improve libido.

2. The sense of smell

More and more evidence that the smell of sexual attraction have decisive influence. A psychologist at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden Dr. Ilona Croy · complete discovery, anosmia male sex significantly less than normal men. Olfactory obstacles, resulting in 83% of allergy patients quality of life is reduced.

3 Bedrooms put TV

Italian researchers found that placing a TV in the bedroom does not affect the frequency of sex couples, but it will affect the quality of sex. Violent movies and TV episodes most real damage sexual interest, sexual passion injury.

4. germinal drugs

London sexual health expert Dr. Rada Maud Gill said, baldness drug treatment easily lead to male sexual dysfunction, and even erectile difficulties. The reason is that these drugs are the pharmacological inhibition of androgen, some drugs on sexual function injury sustained 40 months.

5. bleeding gums

"Journal of Sexual Medicine," published in Turkey Inonu University, a new study found that the risk of dental male ED patients 3 times higher than the average male. ED and the presence of some similar dental risk factors, such as age, smoking, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

6. Excessive drinking

Dr. Palin said the small amount of alcohol beneficial, but excessive drinking can affect your balance and coordination, resulting in loss of skin pain. A "Journal of Sexual Medicine" published a recent study found that alcoholics have sex cause long-term adverse effects. President of the British Association for Sexual counseling, cardiologist Dr. Graeme Jackson said, long-term drinking sad liver injury, affect sexual function.

7. too messy bedroom

"Female sexual pleasure and sexual satisfaction Guide," a book author Debbie Hebinike said the messy bedroom, the romance, are particularly vulnerable to "strangle" female sexuality.

8. oral contraceptives

Dr. Gill said Maude, a number of studies have found that oral contraceptives reduce female sexual desire, arousal and orgasm difficulties lead to problems, their causes are hormonal contraceptives disrupt the female hormone balance in the body. Found that women have this problem, it is best to select other contraceptive methods.

9. thyroid problems

In the forties and fifties women, hypothyroidism (hypothyroidism) easily lead to greatly reduced libido. Dr. Gill said Maude, hypothyroidism easily lead to fatigue, depression, lack of motivation, decreased or loss of interest in sex. Drug treatment of hypothyroidism is an effective way to solve the problem.

Dr. Gill said Maude, maintaining a healthy weight is the key to obtain a satisfactory sex life. Obesity may alter the body's levels of androgens, male and female sexuality are affected. Obesity also reduces blood flow and physical energy, not only increases the risk of heart disease, but also affect the normal functioning of male and female sexual function.

11. The service antihypertensive drugs

Dr. Jackson said, some antihypertensive drugs can affect sexual life. If you take 2 to 4 weeks of antihypertensive drugs, erectile dysfunction, it may be drug-induced. Best to see a doctor, consider replacing antihypertensive drugs.

12. depression

British sexual health clinical nurse specialist Luolai En · Dr Glover said depression reduced libido, while antidepressant drugs inhibit the euphoric hormone dopamine in the brain and alleviate the symptoms of depression as well as harm libido.

13. Diabetes

Dr. Jackson said the study found that men with diabetes 1/3 has ED problem worse glycemic control, the more severe ED. Diabetes damage blood vessels, affecting blood flow is the key problem.

14. prostate problems

British Association of prostate cancer nurse specialist Ali Luke indicates, 5α- reductase inhibitors and other drugs can lead to the treatment of prostatic hypertrophy ED. Peripheral nervous because prostate surgery or radiotherapy for prostate cancer resection or damage caused, or likely to lead to significant increase in the risk of ED.

15. joint pain

Arthritis Research UK occupational therapy specialist Angela Jacklin said the cause of arthritis joint pain is a sex killer. Arthritis pain at night will increase more patients are turning to sleep sometimes intense pain, to say nothing of sex. Couples strengthen communication, choose less severe joint pain period sex is very important.

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