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Genital size affects women feel it

Genital size affects women feelings? For the majority of couples, this is not a problem, but some women believe that penis length and girth are important.

For the size of the genitalia, men and women have a variety of complex ideas, for example, men always feel his penis as great as others, women are afraid of the "big" cause intercourse pain or injury. In this regard, obstetrics and gynecology, said the "big" and will not exceed the capacity of the female genitalia, "small" does not affect women's sexual satisfaction, good lubrication and other preparatory work, pain and discomfort will disappear.

Vagina for male genitalia have good inclusive, even if both belong to different races did not cause illness. Male genital sexual intercourse discomfort is generally not caused by too much, but when the action is too rude about sexual intercourse. Studies have found that about 60 percent of rape victims have genital damage. In severe cases, can occur in women after vaginal fornix laceration, vaginal bleeding, you need as quickly as possible to the hospital for treatment.

Low dyspareunia and sexual excitement some female genital glands and secretion related. Then the man need to be fully understood, and spare foreplay. In addition, women in lactation and post-menopausal estrogen levels drop, the vaginal wall thinning brittle skin tissue, genital glands secretion, vaginal dryness, then sex will produce pain.

Most studies show that overall satisfaction or probability penis size female sex orgasm should have little impact, but if the man and the woman experienced in organ size and really very poor, it can not be without influence, and there comparison of difference there. Although the size of the penis obvious individual differences, but the vagina size, shape, and there are also a lot of sensitivity to individual differences, so most of the husband or wife does not care about preferences match what the size of the problem, appropriate enough.

Problems are often not in size, but how to make good use of, for example, to understand each other's sensitive spots can be targeted. As soon as they come across really match the size of the problem, we need to take extra effort to pay attention to weaknesses, too short to find a way to increase contact with each other too long to avoid discomfort.

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