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How the ancients contraception

Emperors and three of six homes, wives, and at this point is not satisfied, still does draft women in order to fill around the harem. Among the "extreme" Kings of prurient Bliss at the same time, it also produces byproducts, "Royal bastard". As Huang nobles, and blessing to the sons of endless lush also state, however the Emperor but also contraception.

Emperor natural not afford contraception or birth, probably with three considerations: first historiographer stylus, back huangyinwudao's later infamy. Despite the good advice of the Emperor, wield absolute power, but was always limited by the ancestors and clan, the harem has a personal note records. If Dan Yu this road, chappy, living note Shang do are is "a day Pro fortunately a Palace, a day Christmas Dragon child", seems to lossy King Majesty, is to Emperor in everywhere mercy of while, and didn't want to everywhere Stallion; II is Emperor of personal preferences and "Emperor en" show, harem Scarlett 3,000, who didn't want to thousands of pet set Yu a, nevertheless, until old color failure, fear also only lonely limbo, so concubines are trying to pregnancy health child, to figure has a relies on. The Emperor knows how to harness the law, while a one-night stand, but who does not get anyone pregnant pregnancy also have "Royal graciousness" argument. If the Emperor is not like a Princess, or think some imperial concubine ingenuity, he commanded the eunuchs emergency contraception; the third is the strive for power and position, a father and his sons for the throne in the Royal annals of mass killing are often found in Don Xuanwumen, mystery of the song sound of light axes are the emperors "Royal bastard" reproduction will be certain to select and limit.

Have a good, Xia yan, this demand of the Emperor, the Imperial doctor and pander to naturally tried to snare this recipe, in General, following the history books.

Cave stream fine. After the Qing dynasty, the Emperor contraception more carefully, according to the unofficial Grand • Palace of the Qing dynasty yiwen contains: imperial concubine after mating, mains eunuch worship room "will be kneeling and pleading, saying ' leave? ' Say, ' duct to the Princess and share points of micro-press, then Dragon essence is out ', said, when a certain date, a concubine of the Emperor, in the book, for pregnancy syndrome, and called this the "custom of the fathers in the Imperial Palace". This micro-wives "share points after" semen flow method is the ancient court house after "emergency contraception" remedy, its effectiveness, because the Kings lack of detail in the living, is not known. But Princess finally gets the Emperor, and finally have a "not" criticism, like its pathos.

His post. Above the "cave stream fine" of law can only be described as Emperor in the Qing dynasty method of contraception, looking back at history, there is another called "belly to stick". Musk into the concubines of the navel, the history of "Troy" two sisters Zhao Feiyan and Zhao Hede of the highest contraceptive measures to be taken. Musk on your navel, you can settle a pregnant woman stomach function, presumably "belly to stick" is a unique effect, unfortunately, has been lost.
Saffron. Historical data on this record, Saffron is the most effective contraceptive secret in court, if the Emperor does not like a maid of luck, will make eunuchs of the Palace maid hung upside down, she crushed saffron liquid cleaning the lower body. It is said that this maid semen in the body can be cleaned out. This method is seen in the five dynasties, when times change, the war-cry, more humble, is based on this brutal method of contraception.

Diaphragm. History of the birth control pill is actually a poison, have very great harm to women, harem women Lady, five clutter, melancholy, for this birth control pill of poison. So most prostitutes. This drug is the most tragic is the water silver, effect is good, but has a great harm to the body. Contraception will be needed in the Palace concubines or ladies drinking tea in a small amount of mercury. Such a move does not directly fatal, and proven effectiveness. Another common approach is to drink herbal tea, which is goulan establishments used by prostitutes. "Cool-natured medicine" is a kind of contraceptive medicine containing musk. This medicine can not only achieve the effect of contraception, and there are function of the abortion. After Empress Dowager in the Palace were ancient, musk first pregnancy was dark with abortion. However, this is a good, long-term drinking, can easily lead to permanent sterilization.

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