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Those interesting phenomenon reproductive system

Completion of life, the co-facilitators need to complete the internal and external genitalia, also gave birth to new life is such a reason. For people to understand the reproductive system mostly vulva, in fact, the reproductive system also includes a lot of content, they also have the same Most people do not know of an interesting phenomenon.

Speak high pitch high sperm concentration

In a study involving several European countries, scientists found that while women think men are more deep voice and masculine appeal, but their sperm concentration is lower than the high pitch of speaking peers.

Testicular function of appearance

Testis only on reproductive function realization is very important, but also for the normal development of adolescent boys also played a key role. Testicular testosterone produced responsible for the development of secondary sexual characteristics, including voice, facial features and body hair growth. That is, the testicular function can influence people's appearance to some extent.

Some women are born with two uterus

In the normal course of development of the fetus, the uterus begins with the formation of two small tubes, then join them into a hollow organ - the uterus. Sometimes these two tubes is not fully connected to form two separate structures. The disease is known as a double uterus, its incidence rate in women worldwide 1/2000.

Some animals are very peculiar reproductive system

Although the internal systems of animals and humans is very similar, but the reproductive system, but there are significant differences. For example, there are three female kangaroos vagina, two lateral vaginal sperm during mating for receiving the middle for vaginal delivery. Accordingly, the male penis two toothed kangaroos for the transverse vaginal insemination. Most of the birds did not penis or vagina, they only cloaca, it is a separate hole for waste excretion and reproduction.

Infertility is more common than thought

In the medical profession, if a couple after a year of unprotected sex still not pregnant, it is called infertility. A report, "Fertility and Sterility journal" released in 2013, in the United States, nearly 1/6 of the adult couple infertility.

The ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago will Contraception

You might think that contraception is a new invention, but as early as birth control nearly 40 years ago began. Contraceptive technology was first written records from ancient Egypt, where a contraceptive method is to allow women lie on the bed placed sodium carbonate, the honey and put it inside her vagina.

More men than women have reproductive cells

There are significant differences between the number of male and female germ cells generated. At birth, women with 100 million to 2 million eggs at puberty comes only about 300,000, of which only 300 to 400 before menopause ovulation. And every man in his life, will generate more than 500 billion sperm cells in a healthy male ejaculate will release 1.2 million sperm cells.

High acidity of the vagina

Vagina and tomato in common is that they have a high acidity. PH value of tomato between 4.0 to 4.7 (7 is neutral), PH mean vagina is 4.5. The vagina has a large number of micro-organisms can only thrive in an acidic environment. Without these beneficial bacteria in the vagina guarded, other pathogenic bacteria will enter and destroy the ecosystem of the vagina.

The average penis length of 14 cm

A survey report "Sexual Medicine" published show that the average American male erectile length after 14.2 cm. Reported that the shortest penile erection after 4 cm, the longest 26 cm.

Reproductive system contains the maximum and minimum human cells

Human cells have different shapes and sizes, and perform a number of different functions. However, the maximum and minimum body cells are germ cells. The male sperm cells generated a minimum, only 5 × 3 m, the resulting egg female body is the largest cell diameter of about 120 microns.

Vaginal childbirth will increase 5 times

Typically, no more than one inch in diameter vagina. But before the baby is born, the vagina will be expanded to an incredible 4-5 inches wide to ensure that the baby's head to pass through. Vaginal birth does not restore previous size.

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