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How to let a woman never cheat

Cheating is becoming more and more common in urban men and women of love, women sometimes stop "flowers".Recently, American health magazine article, analyzes the causes of female infidelity.
Gene.London st. Thomas hospital, the study found women cheating, 44% comes from the mother genetic gene.To overcome the effects of the cheat genes, the best way is to enjoy sex.Geneticist John terry said: "sex can release of high levels of loyalty hormone, can inhibit the action of the 'bad' chromosomes."Sex lasts for 5 minutes, can maximize the release of the hormone.
Menstruation.Indiana university study, menstrual period of 10 to 18 days is a high-risk period, at this point the female sex hormone levels peaked, short-term sexual partners are more likely to choose.If women exercise twice a week, sex hormone levels can be significantly reduced.So husbands should exercise often with his wife.
Common interests.In Canberra, Australia university study shows that if a woman is through some activities, such as dance class, meet other men, the risk of guilt after cheating will fall.If a week with one of the opposite sex in non-working environment coexistence more than two hours, it will increase 3 times more likely to cheat.
Reward yourself.If women feel left out, there may be cheating with other men, to reward yourself.Research at the university of Maryland found that 80% of women were explained his betrayal.Suggestion, lead researcher Farrell men to foster sense of intimacy with his wife, should be actively listen to your partner, in each other's narrative, the heads or frown every 30 seconds.
Be careful of the former.One of the most dangerous person is the most familiar person.Psychologist Juliet said: "women need to emotional investment, just may happen love affair with someone, but the past lover or love object will have such potential."Juliet said, women only when feel lack of security with you, will think of the former.So the husband must let his wife feel safe, solve her anxiety.

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