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How long is the sex life of men and women

We generally agreed that too old, sex life is gone. But it turns out this is a common error, and recently the United Kingdom Journal of medicine carried a United States survey aims to understand the length of sexually active.
Reports show that United States men sexually active age lasts on average until the age of 65, women 60 years of age. Old men over the age of 75, 38.9% people were still sexually active, and the same age 16.8%. Researchers said: "elderly people should have confidence in their sexual desire and ability. For middle-aged people to this survey, is also good news. ”

So, we Chinese are also applied with this survey? In this regard, the reporter interviewed the yuquan Hospital of Tsinghua University Department of sexual medicine Yang Dazhong. He said, the survey is new. As far as he knows, sex duration on the issue, Westerners and easterners have no difference.

The survey also reflects a problem, is the older male libido than older women is much higher. Yang Dazhong believes that such findings are normal. Because women after the menopause, ovarian function, estrogen levels are declining, will also reduce libido. And the older, less women's vaginal secretions, vaginal dryness, dyspareunia caused by causes of decreased libido.

So, the elderly to remain sexually active, maintain a stable sexual frequency, two to three times in January. And cleaning of both men and women to pay attention to their reproductive organs. Sexual intercourse can often transform position to spice. Women may be appropriate to use some lubricant to improve sexual intercourse pain problems.

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