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Men abstinence serious consequences

We know that most of the academic point of view and publicity are discussed too frequent sex may encourage the development and progression of chronic prostatitis male remind people not too much "pleasure", so as not to damage their health.

Yes, this view is not wrong. But everyone knows, but if long married life, is also a cause of chronic benign prostatic hyperplasia for a reason. We know that male semen, sperm from the testes, have secretions from the seminal vesicles, but more of prostatic fluid from the prostate. These liquids are stored in the seminal vesicles, a common component of semen.

When male behavior does not occur over an extended period ejaculation, seminal vesicle sustained surplus in a full state of high tension. On the other hand, men with normal sexual function, sexual impulses often inevitably occur. Reproductive system, with each sex drive and changes accordingly. For example, related to the secretion of various glands increase vasodilation and congestion. After the sexual impulses occur, if you can not reach orgasm and ejaculation, prostate position will be a long time congestion. Because independent curb their sexual impulses subjective, not sex. After the cause of intoxication was not the time to vent, prostate position will be a long time congestion, it will adversely affect the prostate. Thus, repeated sexual impulses site repeatedly prostate congestion, and congestion due to lack of catharsis and can not be quickly dissipated, over time, it may contribute to prostate hypertrophy, prostatitis the symptoms worse.

For men with chronic prostatitis, know this truth, you can control the frequency of the good life, we can not "enjoy Sahuan", are not long-term abstinence, mastered to perfection.

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