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Men and women 9 kinds of situations most likely to fall in love

The boundless, why you chose this partner side? Many people put down to fate, but Europe and many research scholars pointed out that mutual attraction between men and women is often a product of some of the little things. Recently the India times, multiple studies, summarizes some unexpected factors that people fall in love.

Do exciting things together. Published in the United States and a study in the journal of social psychology, found that when men and women do exciting things together (such as the roller coaster, ride a motorcycle rides, climbing expeditions and other), the possibility of a romance between the two sides has been greatly enhanced. In support of this conclusion, the researchers administered separately under two conditions: one a smooth bridge, another group walked a tall shake bridge, evaluation of a group of participants to each other after the results higher, leave a phone greatly increases the likelihood.

Live from close. Physical distance of love between two people can have a significant impact. United States a study by the Massachusetts Institute of technology researchers found that stay close to the men and women more likely to fall in love, it is because they will have some passive touch each other in daily life, such as passing on the road, a common familiar Cafe, this phenomenon is known as the "mere exposure effect" will let two people have a sense of intimacy.

Keep pet dogs. United States University of Michigan researchers conducted a test, they asked female participants read the passage describes male characteristics. When the story of the hero keeps a pet dog, female participants will think they have a strong attraction for a long time, because it means that men have the ability to take care of others, has a pet can make a person feel more relaxed, more accessible and more happy.

People who match the pace. United States researchers from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign found that walking pace are more likely to attract each other. Meanwhile, men and women you love walking, unconsciously adjust the pace, with her suit.

People who smile a lot. Switzerland an academic study found that smiling will affect the degree of people's affection for the opposite sex, some respondents said, was the partner of a really nice smile capture.

Giving each other a hot drink. Psychologist yuehan·Baha to do a study, he asked the participants to hold a hot drink or a cold drink, and other personality characteristics evaluation of warm or cold. Results showed that hands holding a hot drink will be easier for others to make a positive assessment. Therefore, when they meet and present each other with a cup of hot coffee instead of ice cream, could produce deep warmth.

He lived in a tidy home. People often think that women will be attracted to men's mansion, but United Kingdom Cardiff University researchers found that women's home clean and orderly men are more prone to favor.

Playing a musical instrument. France found that understand some knowledge of music or voice, are more likely to be the opposite sex. If two people love music, it's much more easy to attract.

Have some type of beard. Australia researchers found that beard can also affect women on the man's judgment. Males have short, thick beard, more accessible to women, and women's ovulation period prefer men with beards.

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