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Past sexual experiences and partners say ye

Now men and women often marry is not the first love of success, most have been in love several times, then the spouses do not want to be honest with past experience with others in love and even sexual experience?

Between husband and wife should be mutual trust, loyalty treatment, therefore, in principle, about her past sexual history should not be concealed, and this before the wedding should be honest and not married. To do so, on the one hand to express themselves on each other's trust and loyalty, on the other hand, if the other party reasonable, if confidence and understanding yourself is a test.

However, some of the details of things past, you can not talk about, because they do not affect the specific details of the nature of things, the two sides shared his emotional development and there is no positive effect. There is such a young couple is in love after marriage, both very good relationship, the woman had a boyfriend in the past, the two have been in love before, but later broke up due to various reasons. This matter, now her husband know that one night, the couple sitting on the couch watching TV side affectionate side, her husband suddenly asked: "? Past that you and your friends do so too affectionate" At this very wife difficult to answer. If the past so that men kissed her, Louguo her, touch her, to consolidate and develop the existing relationship between husband and wife, what good is it? So the wife to avoid a direct answer to this question, but only kissed her husband, said:. "I have never loved a love you so loved others."

The wife is a good thing, but also very clever, but the husband asked such questions it appears not appropriate, honest, love is not unconditional, but it should be subordinated in favor of the consolidation and development of the relationship between husband and wife this purpose. Visible, tell your spouse sexual experience is right, but to grasp the sense of proportion, not because the last thing affect the feelings between you, in this respect, whether it is the husband or wife must maintain a certain mind, after all, are It is a thing of the past.

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