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RHINO 4K improve the fertility

Since ancient times, it is well known, to the menopause in women after menopause, ovulation ceases, and lose fertility.

So, there is no male fertility age? On this issue, the reproductive medical experts from clinical studies concluded that: a man's fertility is no age limit, but also like older women, as children are born there is a higher rate of dementia and malformed children's health

Naturally, I am able to give birth on the matter, there have been foreign media reports Britain has a 120-year-old man can still make the woman pregnant thing is a good example.

Men fertility problems for years, Munich Max Planck Research Center, made an interesting experiment. They selected 100 from the 60-89-year-old grandfather and 100 from the 24-33 year-old father for comparison. The two sets of men's sperm and egg together voles, after adding some enzymes, found that both groups combined rate of 54%, indicating that older sperm is not aging. Followed by further analysis of the two groups of men semen. It was found that the density of sperm per milliliter grandfather group has 120 million sperm, parent group but only 078 million. He also found that older semen sperm density although high, but motility was significantly reduced. Sperm count and abnormal sperm do not move have increased by 20%, in addition, fruit ester concentration required and also reduces sperm metabolism, increase metabolic waste after.

How to decide a man RHINO 4K "youth extent" from the clinic? Reproductive medicine experts pointed out: to see testicles hardness, frequency of intercourse, the body's physical condition (such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease or asthma, etc.) and, if necessary, and then blood test male hormone levels as fill permit. Clinical observation drawn from the curve, the 31-year-old man should be "youth level," the peak.

Dr. Carl Bryan School of Medicine at Oxford University on 500 60-70-year-old man of the survey found that the elderly sex and marital status are closely related. 221 single elderly people, only 7% of sex. 279 have a partner for the elderly is still maintained 54% l ~ 3 times per week about sex. 75-year-old slowly reduced. Man's sex drive, "the more benefits or reduce wear," RHINO 4K pills young sexually active people are more able to maintain the elderly sex life.

In summary, RHINO 4K Male Enhancement pills increase a man's fertility is no age limit, but the older man, the poor quality of semen, sperm quality is related to the merits of embryo quality, poor sperm and egg embryo formation, often cause early abortion, but also affect the quality of the next generation.

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