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Rhino Male Enhancement Pill treatment of kidney

Modern life stress, pressure greater man. Sometimes, a man out of the body a little wrong, do not bother to go to hospital. Often wait until serious physical discomfort he come to the hospital, this time may have been ill. If you are unfortunate and the following symptoms, then we must pay attention, you may have a kidney. In addition to improving the living habits, eating Rhino Male Enhancement Pill addition, when necessary, to the hospital, and receive professional treatment is also necessary.

1. Yawn: yawn again and again, more than durable.
Yawning is often encountered in life physiological phenomenon, usually in the body drowsiness, fatigue, or when people will wake up sleeping in the attack, these times Yawning is a normal physiological phenomenon, do not worry. However, if informal time, when not tired yawn again and again, more than durable, may indicate that you have kidney problems, attention should be paid.
Yawning exhibited kidney deficiency syndrome is usually, these people in addition to yawn repeatedly, lassitude, but also often accompanied by pale white without China, cold limbs, eat less abdominal distension, loose stools diarrhea, nocturia increase (or urine long) and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found pale, white fur, purple lips and other symptoms.
2. The mouth was salty: the mouth for no reason feeling salty.
And kidney, in addition to outside salty mouth, often accompanied by throat dry mouth, dizziness, tinnitus, weak knees, five upset hot, insomnia and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found that red tongue, thin tongue.
Deficiency of the people, in addition to mouth salty, but often accompanied by general malaise, shortness of breath, fatigue, chills, lassitude Leng Tong, legs weakness, frequent urination and other symptoms at night, if you look at the tongue, but also found that the tongue pale, the tongue side of teeth marks. 1 minutes measure whether men kidney 3. Good fear: the emergence of the feeling of fear for no apparent reason.
That's "fear" and usually say the shock is different. Scared they do not know in advance, very suddenly and frightened. Fear is commonly known as the fear that he is aware of in advance, is fear. Caused by a deficiency of good fear, usually accompanied by an empty mind hair, forgetfulness, weak waist and other symptoms, we can put this feature as judged by reference.
Kidney people, in fear at the same time accompanied by dysphoria hot, upset, insomnia, nocturnal emission, night sweats and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found that red tongue, less tongue and dry. Deficiency of the people, but also accompanied by fear of cold, cold extremities, fatigue, fatigue and other symptoms, if you look at the tongue, but also found pale and tender tongue, white fur.
4. chills: cold.
Chinese medicine believes that the human body yang sufficient, able to withstand the cold, to maintain normal body temperature, does not produce the feeling of cold; if the body yang weak, not very inviting body, will produce cold feeling.
The human body yang throughout the body, everywhere, every yang organs has, in essence, is the root of kidney yang generated. Kidney is the innate, built-in real yin yang truth, also known as yin, yang, yin is the fundamental body of Yin Ye, yang yang of the body's fundamental. Treatment should involve all types of chills Warming kidney. So, if you have symptoms of chills, how to determine whether the deficiency caused it? Deficiency caused chills, often accompanied by lethargy, weak waist Leng Tong, swarthy complexion, long clear frequency of urination and other symptoms. In addition, men have impotence, premature ejaculation, spermatorrhea problems, women have vaginal discharge A thin, cold palace infertility problems. 1 minutes measure whether men kidney 5. sneeze: sneezing frequently, more than durable.
Kidney deficiency caused by sneezing, often sneeze frequently, more than durable, accompanied by fatigue, weakness, or pain, weak waist, looking minimalist, cold, hand, foot and not warm and other symptoms, patients with allergic rhinitis more. For kidney deficiency caused by sneezing, alone Quxie is difficult to cure, should be to consolidate kidney, kidney so that strong, adequate Wei Qi, the body's ability to resist the evils increase.
Sneezing associated with kidney deficiency syndrome two kinds of kidney deficiency syndrome. Have kidney syndrome, in addition to frequent sneezing, falling unhealed, but also accompanied by nasal itching, nose turbid stream, throat sore throat, dizziness, tinnitus, five upset hot symptoms, if look at the tongue, but also found that red tongue, less tongue phenomenon.
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