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Secret men and women desire password within the body

Exactly how men understand a woman's body

1. stature

While everyone has different preferences on the line, but can cause a good impression, mostly smooth and supple lines.

Even aside aesthetics, from the physical point of view, almost all men like women have exquisite curves, because he was born offspring needs.

This femininity is more obvious, the more able to attract males.

The so-called curve, not necessarily as sexy actress Scarlett Johansson kind, a man of attention is the ratio of the measurements presented curve.

Whether it is 88 pounds or 138 pounds, as long as they see in the hands surrounded by exquisite range, even with strong arms or belly, men do not mind.

2. wrinkles, scars, blemishes ......

You see it as flawed, but like your men are considered to be pleasing personal characteristics.

For example, you can not harm tooth laugh burst of laughter, but he felt enough sun cute.

The so-called imperfections, unless you give me words canal known to man every minute watching the Wu Dao.

Air woman because men generally look at the whole.

More importantly, the Department, when he found you some characteristics with the naked eye can not perceive ── confidence, even if you obviously sounded wrinkles, they also seem to turn a blind eye.

The best example HelenMirren system 67 years of age.

3. Muscle

Do you think that may be due gym, Minato Aberdeen, with strong muscles and the formation of high heels and beautiful enough Well, men are no particular likes and dislikes.

Because the male line shape characteristic muscle Traditionally, women who have no words to attract their attention.

Even with strong muscles, sisters are likely to worry about the cellulite.

Rest assured, a man accustomed to the Air - phase, do not focus on minor

4. Hair

In general, little bald men like girls, and clean, the inflow (not the avant-garde) hair most see attractive.

In addition, other elements of color, shape, etc. are not the focus of men.

Many women and even men themselves, that men are particularly love girls with long hair.

In fact, with the trend of change, waterfall long hair is no longer necessary compelling magic.

In addition, unless you like EmmaWatson unique charming temperament.

Otherwise, "Head Boy" is more difficult to win the attention of men.

Especially for those who like to get caught haired man when making love.

5. Style

The so-called beauty in the eye, a man Discovering princess style, also men like sexy pie.

But the men or for women dress can show some basic consensus ── figure, with the temperament of dress.

No. 1 rush off clothing, on the Department of momjeans (refers Nuisance Slim "bucket" cut, high waist, wide pants, jeans washing Nuisance);

Secondly, loose baggystyle, although fashion but also because they can not show the female curves without eligible men praise good.

Do not think that sexy dress for men to discuss the most popular, according to the survey.

Men expect their girlfriend or wife sexy, not the clothes make the man, but from the heart.

Men and women of passion moment body password

In fact, flirting not only bring fun to make life added to taste.

According to the analysis of psychologists, it is one of the innate human capacity.

Past studies have shown that the process of flirting is dominated by men.

However, the latest studies have shown that those in power can actually control the entire process in the hands of women.

Furthermore, he admits his desire, to learn how to please their partner.

In fact, is it normal married life right to live.

Let two people more quickly reach the pinnacle of sensual pleasure.

This is the "flirt" function lies.

Most men want to have a very active partner to its flirting.

This will make them more exciting, after all, who wants a piece of wood and having sex.

So the sisters do not be shy, not afraid of their body is not attractive.

As long as you have enough self-confidence, carefully observe, understand each other's needs, it is the most irresistible way of flirting.

But there are still a small part of men think women can flirt, but is best in moderation.

In fact, just to remind the woman that you can tease him to pull out all the stops, but men still want to have the initiative in this matter file.

So the wise woman should know how to grasp the scale, after spun from his desires, then let him control the overall situation better.

And foreplay foreplay is necessary. Because both men and women (or women more strongly).

For physical contact need to have a psychological process of acceptance, the central body and brain needs to "warm."

This "warm-up" process can stimulate the senses, the more they can invest. But the best is to take the art of flirting line.

Conclusion: The human body is always wonderful, different parts give people different feelings, the passion, we can touch each other's body, I believe there will be a different experience Oh, the men and women inside the body's desire password, I believe we see here also have a general understanding of it!

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