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Secret Sex female special period of rule

In sexual life, MAN lack of awareness of protecting women is more often in moments of passion so that their women were injured. So, in what his wife needs her husband's time, especially the attentive care of it?

Wedding night, Mo rude behavior

Wedding night, relatives and friends had gone away, in a very excited state, often easy to overlook his wife's love. Due to the urgent mood groom, too excited, plus the lack of sexual knowledge, eager to act, action rude, often resulting in the bride vulva, vaginal injury, can cause severe bleeding. If the woman to stimulate the wedding night suffered too much, it will cast a shadow over the future of the relationship between husband and wife, to influence their harmonious sexual life, may also lead to wives sex. Both sides should read some books on sex before marriage, understand and master the basic knowledge of. At the time of first sexual intercourse,Aphrodisiac, the husband to treat his wife to be especially gentle caress a longer time to fully mobilize the wife of sexual excitement. Further, since the first sexual intercourse hymen rupture than can cause wound bleeding, pain, sex life should, therefore, be suspended for 2 to 3 days.

Menstrual cramps, avoid sex

During menstruation, endometrial fresh wound, cervical dilation. Such as sexual intercourse at this time, it is easy to bacteria into the vagina or uterus, causing endometritis, annex inflammation, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility can lead to serious. Menstrual pelvic congestion increased menstrual intercourse can cause excessive bleeding, prolonged menstrual period. Therefore, the husband should his wife sake, do not have sex during menstruation.

Heavy burden of pregnancy, abstinence slow mo

After the pregnancy, due to changes in physical, sexual function and immunity have declined, a husband should take the initiative to abstain from sex. In early pregnancy, due to the initial formation of the placenta, is connected to the uterine wall is not solid, sexual intercourse can lead to miscarriage due to uterine irritation. The third trimester of pregnancy, the uterus drop, shortening the vagina, cervix slightly open, this time as sexual intercourse, not only easily lead to reproductive tract infections lead to premature rupture of membranes, may also stimulate uterine contractions cause, induce premature labor. Thus, in early pregnancy, late, should avoid sexual intercourse, but also the medium-term sexual restraint, even if sexual intercourse should take the lateral position, insert light, light force.

Multiple miscarriages, Mo underestimate the harm

Repeated abortions, abortion would cervix, endometrium brings great harm, could easily lead to cervicitis, endometritis, endometrial damage and even affect future fertility. Causes of unplanned pregnancies, one premarital sex couples in lovers lose self-control sexual relations; the second is the husband thought paralysis, in the absence of the implementation of birth control measures, carelessness, and even that is a small matter resulting in abortion wife repeatedly abortion, induction of labor.

Multiple miscarriages harm really should not be underestimated, so lovers should avoid premarital sex, and for not yet want to have children or couples who have given birth, should take effective contraceptive measures.

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