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Sex has a positive sense of fatigue

Sex fatigue common in man, some men appear on their own "sexual fatigue" to heart, which, experts believe that sexuality is not necessary, Fatigue also has its positive significance.

Fatigue is inevitable, natural, physical recovery of a protective effect. Fatigue a process of adaptation, as people familiar with the sports fatigue, work fatigue, adaptation and customary process, the fatigue of the sexual life will be familiar with, adapt to and habits, naturally comes to couples who live together for years . If this self-induced fatigue caused by psychological torture between husband and wife, it would affect the harmony of the family and the couple's physical and mental health.

Sexologists have said, since living together for many years, "dull couples" who entered the fatigue period is normal, "Fatigue" is an objective reality. Then the most important thing is how to deal with. How to restore emotions between couples, as well as foster the development of sex, enjoy sex, it will become an important topic in modern urban people. Specifically, targeted to solve the problem, is a viable way.

For heavy work pressure pace of life stress couples, in sex before you want to communicate more, cordial conversation. Pour pressure release is a good method, when the pressure is released, "sex" naturally on the back.

For too long between husband and wife get along "fatigued", resulting in "sex" Fun dull couples should first create a good atmosphere before sex, away from work, the topic of life, transform a feeling of communion, an abandonment dry the "dedicated" type fulfill their obligations, to enjoy to participate in each other's sex.

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