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Sex are more likely to conceive

Some couples pregnant for a long time, but do not see activity for a long time, can not help but eager. How to pregnancy? How can pregnancy in one hit? Don't panic, followed by Xiao bian recommended three, let you on this day as long as the "sex" became pregnant.

Did you know on how to conceive a baby? On this day that "same room"!

, Calculate ovulation if your menstrual cycle is regular, you can roughly calculate the ovulation day you can systematically in sex before and after ovulation. Calculates the next menstrual cramps may be one day, and then back-16 days, that's your approximate ovulation date.

30 days of menstrual cycle, for example: 1th day (menstruation) di15-19 day (ovulation) the 30th day (before the next menstruation day) this is the most widely known way, but a lot of people are not sure.

Second, basal body temperature measuring method normal changes in basal body temperature periodically during the menstrual cycle, ovulation occurs in basal body temperature rises before or from low to high increase in process, base temperature increases prompts ovulation after ovulation has occurred. The base temperature is rising high for the first 3 days of "pregnancy". Temperature range is 0.3 c -0.C c.

This method prompts the ovulation had occurred, but could not predict when ovulation will occur.
C, the cervical mucus observation of the normal menstrual cycle in women, in-house, feel there is a pussy "dry period" appears along with "wet" and "dry period" and the next menstruation. Here the so-called "wet" refers to the cervical mucus from the vagina the pussy wet.

Before and after the menstrual period, often sticky mucus and less or even no mucus. In the middle of the menstrual cycle, mucus will become thinner, more and more, closer to ovulation, the more BRILLIANT, like egg white, and resilient, drawing the highest, smooth feeling most. On the last day of this mucus called "peak", the 48 hours before and after ovulation occurs. So just before ovulation "wet" until the peak within 3 days after sex likely to become pregnant.

These three methods are inaccurate, so the combination of the three methods, estimates that day having sex, will be able to conceive their baby. Plans to reduce the number of sex before ovulation, and to ensure that the quantity and quality of sperm. Should be integrated in various ways at the time of ovulation, because eggs are excreted, generally only survive for 12-24 hours of sperm in the female reproductive tract, usually only live to 1-3 days, thus generally from 3 days before ovulation to 1 day after ovulation most fertile, knew the time too late are not susceptible to pregnancy prematurely.

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