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sexy lingerie or simply let Breast looming

In addition to oral sex addition, there is a woman let a man crazy cheats that "mammary intercourse." Narrow mammary intercourse, refers to women with breast sandwich penis sex a sexual lifestyle. And broadly speaking, as long as women make good use of breasts during sex, you can make men crazy.

Still holds partly concealed

When women want to make their breasts to seduce men, we should let Breast reveal just right, neither fully exposed, that do not tightly, still holds partly concealed temptation effect is the best. Choose a gel just right underwear, sexy lingerie or simply let Breast looming, see a man get antsy, so that played the greatest charm of the breasts.

,sex pills;    Hand in hand caressing the breasts

Men already on the woman's breasts a soft spot, but women take the initiative to grasp his hand, ask when the breasts men mental pleasure is different. So women may wish to take more initiative, took his hand, came to his chest and let his big palm covering their breasts, caressed by the four weeks slowly to the center, and then from left to right or right to left rubbing caressing . Your hands can not leave the back of his hand, but you can even control the guide channel, to give yourself the most comfortable touch.

Tickle Elmo underwear

Chest, although very attractive, but not as expressive as both face, can not make a lot of hand movements like that. So in order to let it play a great variety of high sex drive, it is necessary to be creative. Such as plush bra sexy lingerie. First asked him to lie flat, and then put on underwear sexy bra with plush, his hairy head to toe with a good tickle.

Shake to make him mad heart waves

Why do men love big chest sister? Because the big chest rippling visual impact, can make a man a tight crotch. When a woman in the chest Mimi swing A swing and a man's heart will follow the waves. So, whether you are a big Mimi, Mimi small, as long as the show shaking, swinging vitality, will move too male Chunxindangyang legs tight. And women want to show such a bimodal shake charm, you can work to shake it during sex.

Plump bimodal funny penis

Before the actual start of mammary intercourse, you can let the breast with penis familiarize yourself with your doublet teasing about his penis. With hard nipples to rub his penis, or with a soft, flexible breast to press it, rub it, friction, oppression campaign will give the penis strange sensory stimulation.

Movement of the piston between milk

Penis in the vagina can do a piston movement in Yingtaoxiaokou piston movement can do, as you can in between the breasts. Woman lying face up, put on some lubricating fluid in the breast, and then let him sitting cross beneath the female breasts, the penis is placed between the breasts, around the waist movement. At this time the action will need to work closely with the two men. Men hold hands on both sides of the outside of the breast, breast warmth will spread over the entire penis. Of course, women themselves a firm grasp on the breast to the middle of crowded, so it will be more men thrusting sensation.

If the woman's face can carry forward a little bit, then you can also use the tongue to lick the penis, the penis tickles. Especially smaller breasts women, simply by rubbing the breasts to men bring pleasure not enough, so you can add the tongue stimulation. Huanen stimulate breast plus slippery uvula pleasing to the penis unparalleled pleasure, let a man crazy.

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