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short man's sex skills

Most men of the Enlightenment in learned from the AV, so in the House of Love when the posture like to imitate the movie, but the reality is that many posture can not do, or do not enjoy it. In fact, every position,sexual pills, there will be restrictions, such as both the embodiment of man's "brother" size, etc. Today small introduction plump woman, beer belly man "brother" little men and "brother" short man most suitable sex skills.

First, the fullness of a woman's sex skills

Comparison of lower body fat woman during sex, not suitable for traditional men and women under the posture, obesity can be difficult because of a thigh very open points, and might not stand on the man's "activity" would be very inconvenient. " little brother "will not fully inserted, the impact of the mutual experience.

Therefore, when using the female on male under way, plump woman is best to lift up the leg, and the lift height is preferably higher. In this case, the woman's genitals can be more completely exposed, in favor of a man fully inserted the penis into the vagina and move in a more smoothly. Men can also be pushed by hand or body to help plump woman in the leg thigh woman back stretch. However, in such a way, then, the woman would be more tired, so this way can not be sustained.

Second, the beer belly man sex tips

According to sex therapist's suggestion, overweight men have several options, he can try to enter from the rear position, or partner with a pillow to elevate the pelvis, lying on its side so that partners find the right angle, or face lying down, hip against the edge of the bed, or against other highly suitable furniture, so that when his partner across from him, his legs can stand on the ground, the British King Edward VII States looked fat, he reportedly there is a special table to make him comfortable sexual intercourse.

But its order a special table, or convince your partner take many different sexual positions, it is better to consider losing weight, overweight sexual life is not good. Some researchers believe that obesity may cause erection problems, but also make you breathe short and distracted during sex.

Third, the "brother" little man sex tips

Using sex riding position, supine male, female straddle it. Female upper body erect, the uterus can decrease due to her legs spread straddle, vaginal greatly open, easy to insert the penis.

And then insert the tip of the penis can touch the cervix, it can promote women's pleasure. But when approaching orgasm, the female body's muscles to contract, general nervousness that the body moves backwards, so when you reach orgasm easily withdraw the penis will have shortcomings, it is should be noted.

Fourth, the "brother" short man's sex skills

There may be many people worried about their own smaller than average penis size. But not to say that you can not have sex short, as long as there is about 5cm enough. But a bit position limits. For example, after standing out easily into position or back riding and so to die. There are normal riding position is relatively easy to come out, came out kind of situation is just the woman to sit down, believe there may be broken, must pay attention to.

So easy to do and the piston movement is not easy to come out of position on the most appropriate, such as after the normal position and, with waist snapping movement of the piston position to do it better.

In addition, the normal position when you can use "cat" type, which uses pelvis rub clitoris. Side of the hand or the time after the stimulation of the clitoris or chest, the better.

While there are some objective factors limit the lovers who enjoy more novel position, but if you can find both fit, but also to enjoy the position, even though some regret no big deal. So women do not because of their size, but also a man not because of his "brother" size worries friends.

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