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Since when men senescence?

Accelerate the pace of modern life, city people work pressure, prone to physical function decline, sub-health status. While people also "fed and warm, think of lust" and therefore particularly concerned that the decline of sexual function.

Man from when to start senescence?
Large individual differences in sexuality, some 50 years old or 60 years on the complete cessation of sexual life, and some 80-year-old also has a strong libido.

Male sexual aging mainly due to degenerative changes in the testes and subsequently cause brain, pituitary, adrenal and sexual function will change. Since men generally 50-60 years old, with age, testicular interstitial fine

Cells can occur gradually aging and degenerative changes, make a significant reduction in the secretion of testosterone, testicular volume is relatively reduced, then the body's tissues and organs aging, sexual function gradually decline.
After age 60 significantly narrowed compared to the testicles, it can be said, testicular function of male sexual function decline plays a key role.
Old male erectile take a long time and the need to increase the amount of direct stimulation of the genitals. 60-year-old men after the erection strength and ejaculation volume usually have different degrees of reduction. Good physique and strong body to maintain good sexual function is extremely important.
In addition, other factors also can not be ignored, such as social, psychological, and so may affect the person's sexual function.
Middle-aged people, should be physically strong, happy marriage. However, there are a considerable number of forty or fifty men significantly diminished sexual function.
Mainly for the slow response, less semen, extreme fatigue after sex, refractory period (ie two consecutive ejaculation erection time interval) greatly extended and the like. Very difficult to give them the feeling of adding to the lingering troubles.

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