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Sneak enjoy sex passion 3 Tips

Modern busy working, taking up most of his life, leading people do not have time to rest, no time for recreation, and even some couples complain that sex even have time. Rest and relaxation can be suspended, but the sex between husband and wife must have. Have the following three tips to keep you sneak in and enjoy the good sex time.

Explore sex time

We all know that childhood famous saying: "Time is like a sponge in water, squeeze squeeze always there." Able to squeeze time to do anything else, will be able to find time to make love, after all, between husband and wife, sex is indispensable adhesive. So the husband and wife should be good to explore and make full use of time to enjoy sexual passion.

If you have not tried sex haste, it may take time to try again, ten minutes can still come out of it? In fact, a rapid occasional sex, you can experience the thrill of it is not the same passion. For example, before the children wake up in the morning to enjoy a long fast sexual passion, it will bring a different stimulus.

Pioneering sex Space

Sex can also open up space,sexual enhancement, no inch of land home can be a couple of passion battlefield. Good place for a kitchen, dining table, sofa are sex, different locations change, so sex couples to experience the fresh taste. Especially as sex in the kitchen table, you can enjoy a meal while making love, the combined dining and sex, as well as time-saving beauty of it.

Enhanced sex tips

Enhanced sex skills, so that women faster into the state, so you can enjoy sex more quickly, there is not specifically looking for a large segment of time having sex, but you can use the free time to enjoy the fish and water Huan. In addition to enhance their lovemaking skills, you can also use fun tools.

M- hwan feel dual-drive dual shock fun massage, you can quickly arouse a woman's sexual desire. It has a powerful dual motors, five kinds of vibration modes, select the mode and speed she wants, in the thigh, chest and other sensitive parts of the vibration, or direct attack the most intimate location, so that women in the rapidly changing tremor distracted wonderful feeling fan! So even if you on a busy day, you can sneak in and enjoy the passion of the moment.

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