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spiritual orgasm with physical pleasure to drive

First, masturbation

Masturbation, always a part of the single woman safe sex indispensable, only from the security point of view, masturbation is undoubtedly the highest of any other methods can not match the height. Due to the addition of more components of sexual fantasies, so enjoy the highest possible spiritual level, but it is no communication with sexual partners. People can not communicate, not to mention the nature of this great event.

Second, monogamous sexual relationships

Although single women monogamous sexual relationships is not an easy task, they might stir up all kinds of trouble will come, but from a security, the relative fixity partner or make increase the safety factor, unfortunately, once fixed sexual partner, emotion the question, then, if you can accept single status change is fairly good, but if the other is not suitable for a family or a married person will be more painful. AC, sex medicine, can lead to emotional problems. Over time, passion can easily subside.

Third, sexual fantasies

Here said super sexual fantasies is an ideal mode of sex, are interested can try. Due to completely rely on sexual fantasies, spiritual orgasm with physical pleasure to drive, difficult to operate will be relatively large, especially for women. Perhaps a man could easily see a nude ejaculation, but women most humid, and the rest have to rely on other ways to complete. Strictly speaking, this method is a low success rate.

Fourth,sexual pills, air sex

Only from each data point of view, is currently the most suitable single woman sex mode. Since more than a single woman cares about reputation, the privacy of such strong sex model quickly became popular, but the safety index is not as high as imagined, for example, when the phone sex, other malicious recording; or when the video was stolen the other sex record, spread to the Internet, you may "overnight" the.

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