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the results after the passion

Not having sex with strangers

Foreign once launched a "Do not have sex with strangers" campaign. Started believe that sex is certainly exciting, but in public, casual sex with strangers,sex pills, not only susceptible to disease, and can easily lead to violence.

When the one-night stand commonplace, lower sex argue that we respect the traditional way of life still to be mentioned. "First establish a sense of trust, and then wait until the right time and then go to bed." Chastity campaigners Zhejiang University said.

Chinese culture of health

Of Health stressed the sex go back to the ancient Chinese tradition of on. When the fever 'emphasized Heaven, sex Sinology that we tend to ignore. In fact, the ancient Chinese sexology, who were for sex in a natural manner, neither excessive nor repressed, focusing on balance and moderation, while focusing on the concept of health.

For example, to pay attention to China's ancient yin and yang, a degree of moderation, repressive course desirable, but excessive indulgence in sex, but also have hurt the body. "Jin Ping Mei" Ximen is because of excessive indulgence, and finally hurt the body, fold duong tho. In ancient China longevity cents off those long road they opinion, abstinence is one of the conditions necessary to maintain longevity.

Person's metabolism, growth, nature and climate change are closely related. In summer and winter loss of precision, but also hurt the body, especially the lunar calendar in May and November, lost as one hundred. Ancient books, said: "May fine thin as water, pay very hurt refined, cold drink after cross-hair will die so-called refractory illness is typhoid clip female, lunar November semen special thick, concentrated to a pulp, is autumn winter provisions. when ejaculate once, on the great bodily injury. "As the saying goes," do not hide in winter, spring will disease plague. "

Slow Sex

Slow Sex emphasis on process rather than results. Slow Sex is pursuing whole-heartedly, relaxing and romantic foreplay after play. Like the shadow of the old pre-industrial life, slow and deep.

This is a sex-oriented parties of liberation. Men no longer a "male sex" tool, you must always strive to muscle stiffness in order to ensure "real man" of self-awareness, women no longer need to over-anxiety and lack of orgasm. The common experience of sex brings intimacy and innocence to experience, let treat orgasm, make sex life of decompression rather than bring more anxiety - in short, like a piece of chocolate tasting like to experience sex, and not just in order to obtain the sugar contained therein.

Dr. Sonia Song University of Chicago, pointed out that the male orgasm demanding for sexual failure anxiety are more, and less access to and increase immunity physical and mental relaxation from sex. Results of the pressure accumulator is that they are more likely to suffer from cancer and cardiovascular disease, but stressed that the slow soothing casual sex is able to play a part of psychological therapy.

Sex Devotional

Sex spiritual meaning to think, not from constantly change partners, or is obtained from demanding sexual partners, but is available from your mind and body in repair.

It is similar to our desire to obtain happiness from the outside world, and eventually found that even open luxury car live in luxury, low-carbon lifestyle stress may also compare Bhutanese people are so happy - happy because Bhutanese focus the mind.

You can always practice yoga, meditation, or travel to the mountains. In this devotional, your body can become particularly sensitive to energy has become particularly abundant. And in the other sex, you can have a spiritual self-moving, which can help sex Legends.

Society Sex FM

Sexual energy is inexhaustible, inexhaustible source of energy?

Of low-carbon home argue that, on the contrary, is the need to steady the passion, once depleted, you will fall into a long nothingness. Like the famous classic erotic movie "sensory world", as two people sink into madness indulgence of passion, the results after the passion, but the endless emptiness.

FM including sex, so when the couple meet again, may have more expectations, living apart or travel occasionally to maintain the freshness of passion, even though vacation, but also consciously prevent sexual fatigue and the like.

Quality and not quantity

A profound sexual pleasure can be worth 1,000 times meaningless sex.

Carbon argue that sex, sex with their tireless pursuit of many times, as there are a number of high-quality sex. Repeat sex boring, a waste of resources.

Environmentally considerate

More and more people like the way the wild sex. Madrid, Spain beach Authority recently on the beach tree with a big sign. The reason is not only immoral, but also many people littering sex supplies, pollute the environment.

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