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uniforms lazy man's wonderful sexual techniques

Ordinarily, sexually, men are more active, but in real life, there are some lazy men even sex life is surprisingly lazy. If you encounter such a lazy man, this is very sweeping "sex." But is not no way to deal with these lazy men, here's a look small as we give it Flirt tactics, which Yizhaobanshi you may find it more useful to not the sexual husband oh .

However, while the use of these tactics, but also let men know that sex is the perfect mutual delight, common climax. Not just self-satisfaction, but also to meet the other side, so giving, meet each other, and assist each other to orgasm with you is the perfect sex. Otherwise, it would make the quality of sex greatly reduced.

Warm and rub him with their bodies

If a man too lazy to have sex, so take Zhuangshui strategy to deal with you. Do not frantically to wake him up, you can gently around his body, slowly stroking him and hugged him and rub him with their bodies. If he has the guts pretended to sleep, you can turn to caress yourself, and gently groan, until you are about to reach a climax, and then climbed to her husband's body. As long as he is a normal man, I do not believe he can fall asleep.

Give him a surprise: sex toys

If you find your man most recently, depression, mood and you do not have sex. Do not rush to blame him, but should give him a little surprise, adult toys can try oh. For example, remote control vibrator adult, this small design stuff is perfect, not only looks very nice, its texture is also very comfortable, allowing you to enjoy the unusual pleasure. Most importantly, the adult toys can make your sex life maintained a high degree of mutual attraction, absolutely fantastic.

Give him a passion for massage

If your husband is very busy work, after work is often exhausting, no strength and energy and you tenderness. You may wish to learn the recipe of massage methods, just to deal with the constantly tired man, a very effective oh. When he was "tired", you can help him a massage, but part of it is foot massage. Plantar rich in nerve endings, some of which are connected to the sexual organs, gently massaging his foot, so he can feel the unprecedented pleasure, this time,sexual performance, you do not have to worry about his sex caused it?

Glacial to the full force of temptation

The weather is getting hot now, while sex is a very exhausting thing, so a lot of men will not be an excuse for hot sex, especially those made by the blessing of man, this excuse seems to be pretty tricky. This time, he needs to force the ice is full of temptation. Just out of the fridge butter, jelly, baby are very good flirt. One can use as a lubricant, and secondly, can satisfy the appetite, and it is full of fun than petroleum lubricant, the most suitable for use in the summer.

Slightly tipsy drunk charm US

Say wine is a good thing to help nature, good wine does have effects add to the fun. However, it can not be drunk. Moreover, the men say their drunk, the general he is very sober, he also knows what lies you. So, usually you just can not drink a little drink point, slightly intoxicating not only add to your cheeks flushed, your eyes hazy beauty and soft add parts of the United States, but also allows you to release and completely different weekdays Perception and magnanimous beauty.

The above is small as we suggested, uniforms lazy man's wonderful sexual techniques, followed by the fear of man lazy, afraid he was not lazy.

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