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What makes your sex desire gone?

A lot of couples belive that their sexual desire would getting loss as time gose by. however, many sexologist said that "suxual desire losses " is not caused by the body's natural aging, but is closely related to some daily habits. An US magazine named " Prevention" recently published an article, summed up 7 scientifically proved daily habits consumption of sexual desire as followed:

1. lack of sleep. US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that lack of sleep is a major public health epidemic. According to the American Sleep Association survey, The survey reported that the Americans' average working time is up to a maximum of 9.5 hours per day currently, including the time of working at home, which makes a lot of people had to compress their sleep time. From the survey, we can find that, 29 percent of respondents said they would nap or drowsy during working hours; Thirty-six percent said they were drowsy while driving; there are also twenty percent of participants said that they lose sexual desire because of tiredness. A study in the journal "British Study " published also found that lack of sleep not only causes fatigue, and also would have a negative impact on male and female sex.
Recommendation: The United States clinical sexologist and the author of the famouse book", "Mastering sex scene", Dr. Eric Garrison, said the sleep time should be at least 7-9 hours and maintaining 5-7 hours of deep sleep.
2. Lack of sport. Aerobic capacity , endurance, strength and flexibility and other healthyphysical body conditions is a prerequisite for good sex. According to Sexologist Ph.D. Nicole Volpe Rolls from University of California, Los Angeles Branch, positive exercise will be benefit to increase heart rate and promote blood circulation. These are useful to stimulate sexual organs and improve the quality of sexuality.

Recommendation: Dr. Garrison told us that walking 30 minutes a day, or practice yoga daily will be helpful to improve sexuality.

3. Sentiment: Eric Thurm said that the women is sensitive and they always pay more attention to the details. So we need a bedroom and that make the couple feel at once deeply comfortable and oddly kind of sweet.

Recommendation: Do not bring your office work home or finish your work using the laptop before goint to bed. Turn off the computer, TV and mobile phones to make it quite and warm.

4. Lack of certain nutrients. A balanced diet, closely related to the intake of vitamins and trace elements, helps to maintain sexual function.

Recommendation: Dr. Garrison said: zinc is very important for male sexual health. oysters and other foods are good dietary sources of zinc. Salmon, tuna, chicken and other foods rich in vitamin B which is good for the body to produce energy, and improve blood flow and promote the activities of men and women.
5. Excessive drinking. In the instructions of the Male enhancement capsules, " without drugs" can be noticed. Studies have shown that excessive drinking will make orgasm difficult. It will also cause long-term damage to sexual function for the Perennial drinking

Recommendation: Dr. Prowse said that a glass or two bottles of wine can increase female libido , but do not overdrunk. When the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) reached 0.1, female can get orgasm easier.

6. Taking certain drugs. Dr. Prowse said that although the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not require detection or reporting the side effects of some drugs, but actually more than 70% of the sex disfunction are caused by the the drug abuse. Antidepressants and antihypertensive drugs can cause libido decreased; antihistamines can also cause vaginal dryness female.
7. Feel ashamed to masturbation. Many people think that masturbation is bad habits during adolescence. But sex experts have suggested that the appropriate masturbation will be benefit for the treatment of sexual dysfunction .

Recommendation: Dr. Garrison said that masturbation can help the men or women to get sexual pleasure soon and find a favorite sexual way. Couples can make masturbation as foreplay.

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