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a woman lying in a large bed

No matter how tough man, the gentle face of a woman, that they will be melted. This is the power of a woman, normal man can not resist. The sex, the woman happens to men like the initiative, which can be bad, does not know if the woman hold on life, better seize the man's heart Oh! If you want your man impressed, and drunkenly shout sound, it is necessary to learn these skills.

Lingering twilight sex

Hazy beauty is the most beautiful, but it seems to see things clearly see, this situation most people to grasp. Furthermore, the lights on the person's mood is affected, so two people have sex when it does not need a neighborhood brightly lit room, because it is too bright make physical defects fully exposed ceiling.

The dim light make you look more white, charming. The light hit the wall, or a change in color shade, can be as sexy plus, let him Xinjing captivated. You can also use candles to create a romantic atmosphere.

Charming action allows him to indulge

Sometimes the language is unable to express your wishes or feelings. And often a movement, a look will be what you want to express the full expression.
During sex, there is nothing more attractive than a not speak, slowly undressing woman, but must not be stripped, left a space for reverie. For example, standing in front of him, silent, quietly took off his jacket, sweater until the remaining pair of underwear and shirts,penis enlargement, so that he could not breathe and think, you only infinite impulse ideas.

Put the most flipping heartstrings gesture

Do not ignore the role of bedding, in some cases tend to be able to help a woman make a man unable to stop. It is important, how to use bedding to seduce a man, depends on your ability.

For example, the looming chiffon, delicate and comfortable linens, a woman lying in a large bed, with a blanket to cover the lower body, like all the fantasy, which often makes a man unable to stop. Comfortable bedding not only people relax, but also to arouse people instinctively want to enjoy the fun.

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